Friday, March 8, 2013

Goth of the Week

I do not know who the model is, but I found this here.

Edit to add: The model is Corinna Cassani. Thank you to Mild Colonial Boy, Esq. for finding it!


  1. The model is Corinna Cassani. See

  2. She's Piero Pelu' s girlfriend

  3. Here they are

    1. Thank you for that link.

      As a warning to others who might like to click on it, it is a link to a picture of them at the beach, and both of them are topless.

      I still say that he is definite evidence that Italians should wear shirts.

  4. U're welcome.
    And yes, i agree with what u say.
    ..but the model,we must say, is beautiful dressed and naked ;-)
    and now im sorry for having destructed the goth image with it u formerly showed her in your posted picture (which is amazing btw)
    now when we ll see her (dressed)again we ll inevitably associate her to that shoddy beach topless :-[

    and sorry for previous anonymous comments, forgot to sign, im Nina from Tuscany, Italy. (a big Litfiba fan)

    1. No worries, Nina! I was just giving the warning for people who might be reading at work. Some workplaces (in the US and some other countries) frown on people using their resources to look at pictures of pretty women without clothing on. I think that is a dumb thing for workplaces to worry about, but what do I know?

  5. U're very caring..
    And maybe u ve just saved someone from being fired ;-)
    Have a nice day, Nina