Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Miniatures Companies: A Request To You Readers

I am wanting to make a list here (for my use and yours) of companies which currently exist and which make miniatures suitable for fantasy gaming. I would prefer to avoid companies which traffic exclusively in the "heroic" style (super-buff warriors with spiky bits and whatnot) or companies that produce miniatures entirely for their own game settings (Games Workshop and Privateer, I'm looking at you). Mostly, I'm interested in classic fantasy figure styles, historical medieval and ancients, and so forth. Pig-faced orcs! Stuff from the old Grenadier and Ral Partha lines! That sort of thing. (I mean, it doesn't have to be specifically pig-faced orcs, or classic figure lines. Just in that style.)

If you can, include a link to the company's website or an address to write to them if they don't have a web presence (as if that would happen).

Edit to add: Right on schedule, ckutalik over at Hill Cantons posted about plastic minis.


  1. Mega Minis (get 'em while they're still in biz! --

    Barony Mininatures (

    Mirliton (casting late Grenadier, Fantasy Warriors, etc., only available in US by import

    Classic Miniatures (Heritage USA ..

    More at the end of my post here:

    1. Mega Minis is going out of business?

    2. Ah, yes, I see what's going on with Mega Minis. Come to think of it, I seem to recall hearing about that before. At least he's selling the molds and production rights.

  2. For historicals, it's hard to go wrong with Foundry:

    I'm sure you already know Reaper, which is going to be a mix of "classic looking" and "with extra spikey bits" depending on the sculptor.

    Armorcast also has some non-spikey minis:

  3. I assume you have already looked at Otherworld minis for their pig-faced orcs and old school monsters? these are about 28mm:

    Another interesting one is Center Stage minis. Again, another company trying for that old school feel:

    1. I have looked at Otherworld, but I was hoping that people would help make this a complete listing. So, thanks!

      I hadn't seen Center Stage Minis. Nice one!

  4. Nobody mentioned Bronze Age Minis, but since they have some Burroughs Mars-style sculpts (green men, thoats, banths, white apes, plant men, and some others), I want to be sure to mark them.