Monday, February 27, 2012


There are now two print zines out there, plus a one-shot zine/module. This is a good thing.

There's Loviatar, of course. Christian's zine is excellent. Currently, much of the space is being taken up with a hex-by-hex publication of a hexcrawl for D&D type games (specifically statted for B/X, and so directly compatible with Labyrinth Lord and BECMI, but also good for most other D&D-based games with more or less conversion).

And there's now Dungeon Crawl. I don't know what this one is like yet, as I've only just ordered the first issue. Looking forward to it!

There's also the estimable Zogorion, Lord of the Hippogriffs. A one-shot zine/module, I highly recommend this short adventure, statted for Swords & Wizardry, but obviously an easy conversion to any similar rules. Nominally for levels 3-7, I don't recommend that any players approach it as a hack-n-slay opportunity.


  1. Loviatar is really excellent. I look forward to getting it each month in the mail. Zog is a fun adventure for sure.

    I also haven't seen Dungeon Crawl, but I may end up ordering that one too. And I heard about another zine on a different blog... but I can't remember which one!

    1. If you remember details on another print zine, let me know! (I know of at least one pdf zine, but it's just not the same.)