Friday, October 24, 2014

[From the Log of the Free Trader Faerie Queene] 297-1105

Amanda Zhao's Log, 297-1105

This new Steward is pretty efficient. She's already found two excellent candidates for Engineer and Ship's Medic, and I have hired them both. The Engineer is a kid, fresh out of the Scouts, named Malissa. She's bright enough and a happy girl, though a little out of shape. The Medic is a Marine veteran, a Vilani named Simar, who has apparently seen his share of action. He's a little melancholy, but he's proven himself. His resume says that he was beginning Medical School at University when he enlisted as an officer. He made it to 1st Lieutenant, apparently, and he's been decorated for his service. Qlotl says that she'll keep an eye out for possible Gunners while she is drumming up passenger trade. Zauer is out looking for people who are desperate enough to ride reefer.

As for me, I signed on for freight at the Starport exchange the other day. I checked in and found that we've been offered lots that make a total of 82 tons exactly, so I'm not going to bother looking for cargo this trip. Better to take the sure thing than hope to re-sell something at a profit, at least while I'm operating on such a shoestring. When I can get enough to put myself ahead a bit, I'll try speculating some. In any case, we're going to lift in 4 days, to give Qlotl and Zauer time to find passengers. Those should put me ahead enough to have some buffer in the bank account. I really hope that we can lift with all beds full.

On a personal note, I have to say that I am really happy that Qlotl doesn't go around wearing Zho clothing. Without that, she looks like a somewhat exotic, but still friendly, human. It makes me more comfortable to see her that way. She has nice hair. Zauer says that she smells friendly enough, too, so I hope that I'm right to trust her. Malissa and Simar seem like they'll be good additions, too.

Zauer tells me that he had a run-in with the local constables today. Regina is like that, though, so it's probably nothing. All they did was stop and question him, so it's not like it was a real problem. Regina is pretty intrusive, and I can't wait to get into space. All this filling out forms to do anything, requirements for paper trails to buy toilet tissue, laws about every damned thing is claustrophobic. But it's nice to have access to some of the amenities here. The weather control they use keeps things really pleasant nearly all the time. They generally keep the rain to the nighttime, when most of the population is asleep. Their entertainment is good, too. Plus, knowing that it is really unlikely that anyone on the outside of the XT line is going to be armed makes walking around a certain kind of joy. I still find myself watching my back, but knowing that there are going to be constables around to keep attackers away takes a lot of the pressure off. You know, until I get stopped by those constables, which is just a terrifying experience without a gun in my belt. The way that they treat you, like you aren't really a person, like you are an object to be processed, is an experience I don't really recommend in itself, but I guess it goes with the territory. Still, I tend to stay in the port most of the time. There may be more guns here, but there aren't so many people sticking their nose into why you're walking around either.

Speaking of the port, there's a good nightclub here, usually with live music, loud and fast, the kind of stuff that Tramps like these days. The music is not really my thing, but the atmosphere is good and everyone has a good time there, and that is my thing. I'm planning to go again tonight.

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