Monday, June 18, 2012


Some links of inspiring content from around, because I can't think of any useful content that isn't more V&V characters right now:

If you can't come up with story or scene ideas from these pictures, you aren't trying. Best of all, these things are all images from real life.

If your heroes aren't as brave as these children, then they're doing it wrong.

A psychopomp god at the symbolic crossroads of a city.
You can't make this up. What are the Secret Masters of
the World up to here?

This company makes real-life secret doors. You may find their ideas of value.

Tap-dancing Satan. Your argument is irrelevant. Also, let me reiterate, tap-dancing Satan. On Lawrence Welk.

There are people who are looking forward to "uploading" their minds to computers. This should prove a useful corrective to their wide-eyed optimism.

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