Saturday, June 2, 2012

[V&V]FBI Guide to Metahumans: Amoeba


Identity: Gordon Jenkins
Side: Mutant Supremacist
Sex: M
Experience: 49852
Level: 9
Age: 28
Training: Agility


1. Transformation: normally has no powers, but can change into a form that includes all of the following (or back into human form) at the cost of an action.

2. One-Celled Organism Powers:
     a) Water Breathing: PR = 1 per hour to breathe water.
     b) Stretching Powers: Maximum 7' 6", square 3' 9" on a side, or block 1' 11" on a side. PR = 1 when used as a defense.
     c) Regeneration: Take an action to heal full healing rate (max. once per turn).
     d) Heightened Endurance +6.

3. Absorption: Gains 1 hit point per hit point scored on opponent (in hand to hand unarmed combat only); hit points gained vanish when taken as damage or when transformed back into human form.

4. Poison/Venom: Paralysis Venom causes unconsciousness without hit point loss. 15 uses per day.

5. Reduced Charisma -7.

Weight: 240 lbs.
Basic Hits: 5
Agility Mod: 0

Strength: 15
Endurance: 9 (15)
Agility: 11
Intelligence: 13
Charisma: 11 (4)

Reactions from:
Allies: - (-4)
Enemies: - (+4)

Hit Mod: 1.54 (2.772)
Hit Points: 8 (14)
Damage Mod: -
Heal Rate: 1.25 (2)
Accuracy: -
Power: 48 (54)
Carrying Cap: 513 lbs. (585 lbs.)
Basic HTH: 1d8
Movement Rates: 35" (41") ground
Det. Hidden: 10%
Det. Danger: 14%
Inventing Points: 11.7
Inventing: 39%

Origin & Background: Always made fun of for his weight, Gordon retreated into study of the tiny creatures under his microscope. One day, when the taunting of his high school peers escalated to physical violence, the stress caused his mutation to manifest itself by transforming him into a translucent, amoeba-like humanoid creature, and he proceeded to get his revenge on his tormentors. The community was shocked, and he was hunted by the police to stand trial for his crimes of assault. Full of hatred for those who bullied him because he was different, Gordon ran, swearing that the "freaks" would inherit the Earth. Now he does all he can to make that happen.

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