Thursday, March 2, 2023


 When Chaosium announced that they were going to be making a big announcement, I was underwhelmed. Years of disappointments from gaming companies has conditioned me to expect little that is actually interesting when that sort of pronouncement is laid out.

I probably should trust Chaosium more.

For those unaware, they've announced a new series of books for RuneQuest to be called Cults of Glorantha. It proposes to be a ten-volume series describing the gods, goddesses, and religious life of the Glorantha setting in detail, beginning with a systemless Prosopaedia that will lay out the basic structures, followed by volumes that detail the cults in game terms for RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha. For the most part, those should also be usable with previous editions of the game, too. After the Prosopaedia, the first volumes will cover the Lightbringers and the Earth Goddesses followed by a book on Gloranthan Mythology, then next year will move on to the Lunar cults, presumably (but not yet confirmed; I've only seen the first five volumes confirmed so far) followed by the Chaos gods.

Probably time for me to get serious about picking up the RQ:RiG books I don't have yet. I'm still waiting for more word on Lords of the Middle Sea, though.