Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Topic Du Jour

OK, so what I want out of the 5th (or 15th, depending on how you count it*) published version of D&D is pretty much summed up by Jeff Rients. (If you agree with his open letter, link to it on your blog or wherever, to boost the Google ranking.)

And that's pretty much all I have to say about something that I haven't seen yet.

*And here's how I count it:

1: 0E: The White Box with its three LBBs
2: 0.5E: The supplements to 0E
3: Holmes D&D
4: 1E: AD&D
5: B/X D&D
7: 1.5E: Unearthed Arcana
8: 2E: AD&D 2E
9: Rules Cyclopedia D&D (though changes from BECMI were minimal, they did exist, notably in the handling of Immortal level characters)
10: 2.5E: Player's Options books
11: 3E: WotC 3E
12: 3.5E: WotC 3.5E
13: 4E: WotC 4E
14: 4.5E: WotC D&D Essentials (thanks to Arkhein for pointing this out to my 4E-deficient brain)
15: alleged WotC 5E


  1. Essentials was basically 4.5. :)

    - Ark

  2. Yeah, I really don't know anything about 4E, do I? ;)

    Seriously, other than some strange rules changes and the fact that there seem to be more players' handbooks than players, I haven't paid attention to it. So, thanks for that, and I'll edit the entry accordingly.

  3. 12.5: 3.75E: Paizo Pathfinder

    1. There is something to be said for that point of view. However, if I were to start down the path of including games made by other companies than the one that owns D&D, for consistency I'd have to include True20, the retro games (especially Lamentations of the Flame Princess and Stars Without Number), even RuneQuest and its successors, since RQ originates in the Perrin Conventions for OD&D and is therefore a direct, albeit extensive, variant. I don't want to do that. Here, I'm talking about D&D, not Pathfinder or any other game that derives from D&D.