Thursday, August 30, 2012

FBI Guide to Metahumans: Rainbow


Identity: Lisa Devine
Side: Civilian
Sex: F
Experience: 9548
Level: 4
Age: 22
Training: Agility


1. Heightened Speed +660", +22 Initiative

2. Light Control: Range 20", Dmg 2d8, PR = 1 per attack; Blinding flash with a radius of 20", PR = 1; PR = 1 to set up a Light defense; May create mundane light for no power cost.

3. Illusions (holograms): PR = 1, visual illusions only.

Weight: 110 lbs.
Basic Hits: 3
Agility Mod: +2

Strength: 13
Endurance: 15
Agility: 10
Intelligence: 11
Charisma: 12

Reactions from:
Allies: +1
Enemies: -1

Hit Mod: 2.16
Hit Points: 7
Damage Mod: -
Heal Rate: 1.2
Accuracy: -
Power: 49
Carrying Cap: 203 lbs.
Basic HTH: 1d4
Movement Rates: 698" ground
Det. Hidden: 8%
Det. Danger: 12%
Inventing Points: 4.1
Inventing: 33%

Origin & Background: Lisa, ever since she was small, loved to make paintings. She would always be first to the art supplies in school and eventually she would hang around the local art supply store like some kids would hang around the mall. There was only the one in her poverty-stricken area. One day, a shoplifter ran out the door of the store and Lisa, without even thinking about it, ran after him. As she ran, the world seemed to stand still. Everyone else just saw a rainbow flash by and bowl over the shoplifter. Afterward, Lisa decided to use her talent to help clean up her crime-ridden neighborhood. She quickly discovered that she could use color and light to her advantage as well. Now, things are getting better, even if they aren't perfect yet. She has been known to occasionally team up with the Ice Queen, and the two are fast friends.


  1. Great, simple but well-designed character. Rainbow highlights the elegance of the V&V character-generation system.

    And excellent picture. Did you have the picture first and design the character around that or vice versa?

    1. Some of the FBI Guide characters are inspired by pictures that I find (though I haven't actually posted any of those yet), but like most of them Rainbow came first from some ideas running around my head and I looked to find the perfect picture to represent her. It took me longer to find that picture (using keywords on Google's Image Search) to illustrate her than it took to build the character. I love V&V.

      A quick note on process: these characters are partly designed (I choose the power set they have, usually) and partly rolled with dice (stats, the specific values of the powers, such as the +660"/+22 Initiative of Heightened Speed that Rainbow has). There have been a couple of times where the dice results were far outside the bounds of what I conceive for the character and I have re-rolled, but I try to avoid that as much as possible.

    2. That's an interesting middle path. When I used to design NPCs for V&V they were either (a) totally hand-picked/designed for a purpose or (b) totally random. I don't recall ever doing half and half.

    3. One reason I like rolling the stats (especially) is that I don't have to think about it, and so it goes faster. If I just roll 3d6, I don't have to take time to ask myself what the value of the character's Int should be. Then, when you've rolled up the weight, five stats, and sometimes the values of the powers, everything else just falls into place. However, picking powers allows me to build the specific niche for the character in the setting that I've got in my head.