Thursday, March 21, 2013

Turning The Gatekeeper Test Back On

I'm getting tired of dealing with spam comments. Captchas back on. I apologize to everyone.

Do spammers actually think that anyone is going to respond? Don't answer that, I know the rationale. It's just annoyed me too much today.


  1. Honestly, captchas annoy the living shit out of me. I have bad eyesight and trying to read squiggly, blurry text is difficult at the best of times.

    Might I suggest a "register once, then done" comment moderation system, such as Disqus?

    1. Blogger has that, as well (including an OpenID option). I wanted to keep commenting open to people who don't register for these things. Though, perhaps that's not a necessary thing to do. Maybe I should make a poll about that.

      Still, I will keep looking at options, because I hate captchas too.