Friday, September 12, 2014

Goth of the Week

Gothic Lolita, or Loligoth, fashion is related to the rest of the gothic community, though it is mainly through crossover. Much of the Loligoth community is more closely associated with the general Lolita fashion community in Japan. These particular women dressed in Loligoth fashions are, I believe, in the Harajuku district in Tokyo. I wasn't able to find any further information about their names or the photographer. I found the picture here.

There is some crossover in musical taste between goth and loligoth, though those who follow loligoth fashion might just as easily listen to regular J-Pop. The fashion is not tied as tightly to the music as it is in the West. I'll put some music videos loosely associated with loligoth and other lolita fashion after the cut, one from Japan, one from the UK, and one from the US (the last put together by the musician from scenes in anime videos).

One of Kokusyoku Sumire's albums is even called Gothlolic, though not the one that this song is from (that one is Anderumeruhen Kakyokusyu).

RazorBladeKisses is pretty much straightforward goth/glam rock with what seem like stereotypically "girly" themes at first glance, but with an added edge.

Curiosity is mainly Curiosity Valentine. She is an artist as well as musician, speaks fluent Japanese, had a line of clothing in Hot Topic briefly (now mostly available at Zazzle, I see), and has a healthy obsession with swords. Or unhealthy, if you're one of those stick-in-the-mud types.


  1. It looks like Harajuko to me, right outside of Yoyogi park near the train station. It's where the costume kids gather to show off. I've brought friends there, and the cosplayers really have their picture poses down pat if you give them a few seconds to get set.

    1. Thank you! I was pretty sure, but I've never been myself. Glad to have confirmation from someone who has.