Saturday, October 25, 2014

[From the Log of the Free Trader Faerie Queene] 298-1105

Amanda Zhao's Log, 298-1105

I started negotiating with a broker for some starship software, but he was fairly intractable so I broke it off and left. Went to listen to the goings-on and ended up talking with a local policeman. Well, that is to say that I got stopped and my papers checked. I didn't realize that they were allowed on this side of the XT line, but apparently there was some sort of "hot pursuit" thing or whatever. I wasn't able to help them, but I think that it probably involved the commotion that occurred several berths down. Word is that someone was trying to smuggle Slow drug. Could be worse, I suppose.

Qlotl tells me that she has already found plenty of potential passengers, but she's trying to locate two more wanting to take High Passage. Still, at the moment she has found four High Passengers and enough Middle Passengers that if anyone bows out we're still going to fill our six beds. Zauer is pretty sure that he's got enough Low Passengers to fill our eight freezers. I may decide to lift early, since things are going so well. I wouldn't want to outstay our welcome here, and it's not like we need to wait on any shipments. Perhaps tomorrow or the next day. I will talk with Qlotl and Zauer to see if there would be any problems with that.

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  1. She hasn't logged it, but Qlotl told Amanda that there were two High Passengers who wouldn't be able to leave until 301-1105, so given the choice between replacing them with Middle Passengers or waiting one more day, Amanda chose to wait.