Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Life, Eh?

Life has gotten in the way. Will finish up the FW series later today or tonight, I hope.

Meanwhile, let me point out some other blogs of interest.

Over on Vaults of Nagoh, Chris Hogan has been analyzing Mythus, with a much less approving perspective than I bring to FW. So far, he's at 15 (actually 17, because there's a prelude before that entry and part two is in two posts) parts, and he's not quite through the end of Chapter 11 (of 17, plus Appendices), or page 200 of 400+. He makes some cogent observations on game design in the process, and has a larf. Other than one post in February and a few posts in March, it's the only thing he's done lately, so you can pretty much just forward through the posts.

James Maliszewski at Grognardia discusses my favorite H.P. Lovecraft story of all.

Roger the GS at Roles, Rules, and Rolls makes the only comment on DNDNext/5E so far that has interested me. I'm not going to playtest it, and I have no idea if I will pay money for it. We'll see. But this mechanic can be appropriated.

Guy Fullerton at Chaotic Henchmen Productions sets out some ideas about production design. I think that they are ideas to keep in mind, but like all design decisions they are just one tool in the toolbox.

Peter D at Dungeon Fantastic discusses why adventurers loot dungeons, but don't rob from the merchants who have the money to pay them for that loot. Discussions like this are generally useful for everyone who does D&D-style adventure gaming.

Alright, one more post about 5E. Dan of Earth at Goblinoid Games lays out the final argument about why this coming edition will ultimately not support old-school-style play. Without presenting a real option for consequences to a character's actions, the game moves firmly from challenging entertainment to mere ego-stroking time-waster. If I wanted that, I'd watch TV or play a MMORPG.

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