Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sometimes, It Pays To Be The Squeaky Wheel

So, to finish up the Chronicle City Games saga, it has transpired that they have announced a winner.

Four winners, in fact.

It seems that, because of the delay in announcing the results, they added three prizes: two vouchers for $25 worth of Chronicle City games (only) and a $50 voucher for any games. The $50 voucher was reserved for the annoying prick who prodded them into announcing a winner. That is to say, me. I feel odd being rewarded for being the guy who spoke up, but since it was in an effort to help out other people (I was serious when I said that speaking up would likely take me out of the running), I don't feel too badly.

They were also very gracious in apologizing for the delays. I am surprised, as I haven't had the best luck in dealing with small businesses (or large ones, who often seem to feel that just throwing money at disgruntled customers is sufficient), but I am also greatly impressed.

So, in sum, that was a good resolution. Congratulations to Matt Bridgeman-Rivett on his good luck. Now to sit down and figure out what games I want!

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