Monday, June 9, 2014

Middle Sea Or Terra Ultima?

Very, very roughly, this is about 800 mi. x 1200 mi.
More accurately, the distance between the two mountain peaks
that make up the base of the triangle of peaks to the west of
the Triple Sea area in the northern part of the map is
34.2 miles.
I'm considering using this map, which I call Middle Sea, for my game instead of the Terra Ultima one. This is a map that I've wanted to use in a game for years, and I've worked up several versions over the last 20 years or so. The first was done using tracing paper (remember that?) by hand from an atlas. I think I may still have those sheets around somewhere. I did a version when I had Fractal Terrains and Campaign Cartographer (I had those on disk, and the disks were stolen). This time, I found a website that does most of what I needed done, so I did that, then modified the images in Paint Shop Pro. They're still rough, but I do still have the working files and will probably clean them up over time.

There's another really interesting part of the world off to the east, which is where Middle Sea gets its name, but I haven't put those maps together yet, so I thought that I'd just show off the western coast of the continent.

If you haven't yet figured out where the map comes from, it's a map of North America with the water level raised by 1000 ft (308m). I got the idea from the old Chaosium wargame Lords of the Middle Sea. In that game, there is also a collapse of a large portion of the midwest due to helium extraction or something, but this game world doesn't include that.

The map that inspired the Middle Sea world
The basis of the Terra Ultima world map

Oh, what the heck. As a bonus, here is the not-nearly-cleaned-up-enough map of part of the Middle Sea itself:
The Middle Sea, surrounded by island nations to the east and south,
 and by the mainland to the west. There are also more islands
to the north and to the northeast of this map

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