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Things I Know…

A high-resolution version of the west coast map
of the Middle Sea world
…about the Middle Sea world. In no particular order.

I know that it isn't the Earth, even though the geography is similar to North America submerged under 1000 ft of water.

South of the Middle Sea lies the Isle of Dread and the Thanegioth Archipelago.

Somewhere, probably near the western coast, lies Stonehell Dungeon. Right now, I am guessing that it is in the mountains at the south end of the southern peninsula that encloses the Long Sea.

In the deep desert there is a step pyramid that holds the Lost City.

Long ago, a traveler between the worlds known as the Gann set up a series of protective Gates in the mountains hundreds of miles to the east of the Long Sea.

PCs may only be human, but there are nonhuman intelligent species in the world.

There may be underground kingdoms, possibly occupying a continent-spanning network of tunnels. There are definitely layers of sewers, tunnels, and ruins underneath the larger cities.

On the southern peninsula that encloses the Long Sea stands an independent inn called the Inn of the Four Winds. Many mysterious rumors are attached to this place. It is known to be frequented by pirates, thieves, adventurers, and other disreputable sorts.

There are known to be kingdoms of fishmen, apparently of several different sorts. Some of these kingdoms send raiding parties against the coastal towns.

The faery races are mysterious, and no one really knows what they want. Faery races include elves, sprites and pixies, goblins, and the like. They are ruled by powerful, seemingly immortal beings. Druids and some polytheist cults seem to have some sort of connection with them.

There are a number of nonhuman species which are said to have come from the stars, including the Mind Flayers, the Ropers, the Otyughs, the Neogi (and their Umber Hulk slaves), the Mi-go, the Grell, and so on. No one knows how they could have come from the stars, though, and there are many contradictory legends about that matter.

In the wastes, in places where humans find it too difficult to live, roving bands of ape-men (similar to the orcs of some worlds, and similar to the subhumans of the film Fire and Ice) eke out a primitive existence and plot the downfall of human civilizations.

On the plain to the northwest of the tall peak about 50-60 miles north of the Long Sea stands a huge castle called the High Keep of the Grand Chapter of the Order of St. Raphael, a Holy Order of the Radiant Church. The locals call it "Great Stoney". It acts to protect travelers on the road between the towns surrounding the Long Sea and the northern lands.

In the northern and western parts of the Great Plains that lie to the east of the great mountain ranges, tribes of Mongol-like centaurs, Davrai (horse- and bull-riding barbarian nomads with minotaur allies), and a few other tribal groups stake out territories and live their nomadic existences. In the southern and coastal parts lie a number of small feudal kingdoms.

The lands around the Triple Seas are largely populated by the Kurai people, who are semi-tribal in organization. A good number of their "toutas", which other peoples might call baronies, are currently loyal to the High King Anguish Wolf-Head, but not all of them are. The Kurai send trading expeditions down the coast to the Long Sea, but some of those expeditions are little more than excuses for raiding parties.

To the north and east of the Kurai lands are a number of large valleys known as the Dales. The Dalings are a hardy, independent race who trade with the Kurai and with the nomad tribes to the east of the mountains.

The lands at the northern end of the Great Gulf in the south and down its shores are a series of city-states, each ruled by a sorcerer-king. They are allied in a precarious network of promises and treaties, but occasional hostilities break out between different city-states.

The desert between the Long Sea and the mountains far to the east are the range of nomads and dervishes, as well as ape-men.

It is said that dragons make their homes in the mountains. This is probably true.

The year is exactly 360 days long. The Moon travels from full phase to full phase in 29.5 days.

The peoples of the Apalach Island and other lands surrounding the Middle Sea are seasoned seafarers. So are the peoples who live along most of the shores of the Long Sea.

The northern peninsula enclosing the Long Sea is populated by a tribal people called the Kesh. They don't have much to do with other peoples if they can help it. Pirates tend to ignore them, as they do not have a lot of wealth. They are a polytheist people who mainly worship local spirits and entities.

The lands south of the Kurai are known as the Southlands. They are dominated by independent farmsteads and cattle ranches. The area is a central location of faery activity.

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  1. While staring at a newer version of the map (extended a little to the south and to the east), I learned that some few, elite Dalings raise dragons and ride them into battle.